Hardware ARchitecture Modeling Language for Embedded Software Simulation

Harmless Documentation

First release of the english documentation. This document is partial and may contains errors. Don’t hesitate to give us any feedback harmlessNOSPAM@irccyn.ec-nantes.fr (remove NOSPAM). * The chapter on the syntax description is not fully translated. * Micro-architecture description (alpha (...)

Harmless version 0.7

This is release 0.7 of Harmless. Instruction Set Simulator description is quite usable (ARM (32 bits), PowerPC (32 bits) and AVR (8 bits) instruction sets are validated). HCS12 instruction set remains al alpha stage. It includes task detection and stack analysis algorithms presented at SIES’11. (...)

Syntax file for Vim

The syntax file allows to highlight harmless description files into Vim. Simply copy the syntax file in folder: ~/.vim/syntax. You may have to create the folder.